Body Positioning Wedge

Triangular foam wedge firmly but gently supports patient at a 30-degree angle to encourage blood flow. High density foam with water repellent cover.

Foam wedges firmly but gently prop or position patients to encourage blood flow and air circulation.
Ideal for helping to keep bed ridden patients repositioned, reducing pressure points under bony prominences and the incidence of pressure ulcers.

Sizes and shapes can be customised; available in foam or in beads. Easier to shape and position than regular foam pillows.

Disposable Slippers

Soft and comfortable terry-cotton disposable slippers are cosy and also designed for safety with skid-resistant soles.

Maternity Gown

We also supply maternity gown, providing long-wearing comfort and convenience for mothers. It is functional for breast-feeding as well as comfortable as it is loose fitting.

Patient Apparel

We have a collection of patient apparel, ranging from patients’ pyjamas to patient gowns.

With the finest materials and sewing techniques, it ensures prolonged usage with a high level of comfort for the patients.

Scrub Suits

Scrub shirts feature a placket V-neck that lays smoothly without irritation; roomy with sleeves that cover arms comfortably.

Scrub pants offer comfort and durability with roomy inseams to fit comfortably without binding.
Rubberised pants allow a good fit.

Surgical apparel such as both scrub shirts and pants provide all-day comfort.

Surgeons’ Gowns

Surgeons’ gowns offer hours of cool and comfortable protection. Stockinette cuffs are fitted at wrist. Durable and tightly woven allows for low-linting and long wear.

Surgical Textiles

Surgical sheets and towels are available and could be made to measure based on user’s requirements.

Three Armhole Gown

The three armhole gown does not require any ties or buttons. It remains in place through the use of an overlapping panel and a third armhole.

X-Ray Gown

X-Ray Gowns are designed to provide the modesty required in public areas, these X-Ray gowns are fully opaque.