Our Ethos

Since our inception in 1981, we have been partnering hospitals, hotels, nursing homes, day care centers and clinics. We specialise in healthcare apparel and linen products which include bedsheets, blankets, cubicle curtains, laundry bag, towels, patients’ pyjamas, patients’ gowns, surgeons’ gowns as well as scrubs for doctors and nurses. We provide services for residential curtains and blinds. We also supply disposable items such as bedsheets, pillow cases and slippers. Re-upholstery and alteration services can also be arranged.

Throughout the years, we have also ventured into other areas such as providing amenities set, baby linen: baby clothes, baby swaddle wrap, baby mittens, safety vests for fire wardens and customising table cloth, table napkin and table skirting for event planners, food caterers, restaurants and hotels. We also have a variety of fabric available for clients to choose from upon demand for various customisations.

Our utmost concern would be to deliver our best to our clients as their satisfaction means the most to us. We believe that business is all about forging relationships with one another as we grow together throughout the years.

We take pride in what we deliver to our clients and hence, we maintain a high level of quality check before delivery. We are committed to providing the best service to our clients and we will follow through from beginning till after-sales.